Single Card Draw – October 1st, 2019

The Star (from The Wild Unknown deck)

My interpretation: I hung a tapestry in my living room of The Star because I hoped it would bring artistic inspiration into our apartment. I have a lot of chores I would like to do today, and I’m still challenging myself to work 1 hour a day, but I’m only thinking about working on this blog! I think The Tarot is trying to tell me to be inspired about everything on my to-do list, not just the things that are blog-related.

I have a bad habit of focusing all of my energy on one creative project and shirking my actual responsibilities, so this card is inviting some nuance into my routine.

The ultimate goal is combating my mood swings through cleaning, working as much as my illness allows, and attempting to leave my apartment at least once a day (when the sun is still up.) EVENTUALLY!

Thank you for joining on me on my arduous journey of wellness and self-improvement.