Spicy Miso Vegan Ramen

Kimchi, spicy Miso Vegan ramen, diet coke, and (of course) a pitcher of Asahi draft. ♥️

I eat at the same ramen spot in my neighborhood about every week. Noodles have always been my favorite food, and I am lucky enough to live within walking distance of a very popular ramen shop.

For the first few years (yes, years!) of me getting my weekly ramen, there was only one vegetarian ramen option.

I would get the same thing every time: veggie ramen with extra corn and an egg.

I like my ramen spicy, so I would ask for a bottle of their house chili sauce and spicy powder to upgrade the hot broth, fresh veggies, and homemade noodles to the next level.

Recently, I discovered that my ramen shop has decided to cash in on the food-ordering app trend and noticed that there were two brand new vegan options, in addition to my one true love, vegetarian ramen. Now, I could also order a premium soy vegan broth or a spicy Miso Vegan option!

While I did try to vegan premium soy delivery, I was not a fan. I’m a picky eater and this ramen was remeniscent of a creamy tradition tonkotsu ramen, which I’ve never liked in the past.

HOWEVER! You bet the next time I went to my ramen shop, I ordered the spicy Miso Vegan option.

I was disappointed initially at the new noodles they used, which were made with kale. Sadly, all of the vegan options now used these green, healthy horrors. I still inhaled it all, though. I don’t like when chefs try to health me against my will, but no noodle gets left behind.

Lucky for me, I think enough of my fellow junk food vegans lamented enough until they switched back to a traditional curly ramen noodle in all of their vegan options! WE DID IT!

By the way, I rarely get a poached egg in my ramen anymore. It just seems wrong when the restaurant went through the hard work of creating two vegan versions of popular ramen flavors in which animal products (typically pork, chicken, fish) are vital ingredients.

Not only can I now order a pre-spiced vegan ramen, I can relish on the (possibly true) idea that I’ve heated up my veggie ramen every week for so many years that they borrowed my genius to improve their Michelin-star quality recipes.

You’re welcome.

Unwarranted self-importance.