Beauty, Secrets, & Sadness

When I cry I try to be as quiet as possible because I want to keep my sadness to myself. I don’t want anyone to know when I’m feeling down. I hide in my room and cry.

When people cry over break-ups it is so sweet and lovely because the bad parts of the relationship lost are being washed away. You get to share that sadness with your ex-partner, or you can tell your friends and family without feeling ashamed.

You’re magical with chaotic energy when you have heartbreak. Your tears are water, salt in your tears are earth. The heavy sighs are the air, and the burning pain inside your heart is your fire.

Break up sadness is so raw and genuine and beautiful. My sadness is ugly and secret and verboten.

I want to be able to wail and sob and express how I feel. I’m jealous of someone else’s pain and sadness because I am keeping mine close and hidden.