My Wealth Corner

Superstitious Girl meets Feng Shui

Many moons ago, I remember watching a cartoon called The Kids from Room 402, (don’t ask me how someone with self-diagnosed dyscalculia could remember that number!) and there was an episode where one of the characters, Nancy, re-arranges her room following some well-known rules of Feng Shui.

At first, it seems to work out for her, but as she learns more properties of energy movement, it becomes very complicated for her to maintain all the positive rules without constantly moving her furniture around.
Can anyone else besides me relate to this?

Because I am also not completely familiar with all of the aspects of Feng Shui myself, I always tried to decorate my room using the same rules in the cartoon from memory: do not align the bed with the door, do not have a mirror facing your bed, & do not place your bed under a window.

Okay, so the only rules I actually remembered were the rules about beds. Considering the apartments I’ve lived in since moving out of my mom’s so many years ago, the location of the bed was not always easy to place while abiding by the laws of Feng Shui. You can find some good information about aligning your bedroom door here!

My bed is in a good place, so let’s focus on my WEALTH CORNER!

According to lovetoknow, if you are using a traditional method called the bagua map, the “money” or “wealth” corner of your room is the southeast corner. If your room isn’t square or rectangular, you should stand in the middle of your room with a compass, or compass app, to locate the southeast corner.

You can also use the “Black Hat” method — lovetoknow has information on “empowering yourself with beneficial chi energy” here, as well. I will be learning about that myself later, too, and we can explore it together in this blog.

I put some of my lucky items and items with strong positive energy in my wealth corner.

It might not be totally traditional, but I put some lucky talismans, money-drawing colors (purple, green, and red,) my healing crystals, and incorporate the four elements into my own version of a wealth corner.

Remember, wealth is a concept — it’s not just about money!

My wealth corner includes my (newest) money tree, a red vase with purple silk flowers leftover from my roommate’s party (post coming soon,) one of Freddie’s babies, a red squid, a change jar, a wish jar from my roommate, red decorations leftover from Chinese New Year 2019, dried lavender, a practice coin from my magic kit (post coming soon!,) a green candle for prosperity, Miyazaki-style Kodama tree spirit enamel pins from my friend, and my healing crystal bowl!

Speaking of inviting wealth into your life…

I like to think these are big grapes for big money, but they are probably just big GMO bois for big FARM-a.

Modern tips for modern witches says that grapes are good for, “Mental power, fertility, and WEALTH!”

We like wealth, we like witches, we like grapes!

How are you going to decorate your wealth corner?