Connie Cosplay, Claustrophobia, and Comic Con

I decided I wanted to be Connie weeks after getting my NYCC badge — that’s months before Comic Con!

Connie from Steven Universe is one of my favorite television characters . I love that she is a bookworm (like me!) and relate to her struggle gaining independence from her mother. Bonus: I thought it would be easy to cosplay as her because I already look like her! Kind of…

I didn’t know anyone who wanted to cosplay as Steven with me, or any other SU character for that matter, so I decided to put this outfit together for myself. I told myself if one person recognized me, then I did a good job!

For your information, TWO people recognized me as Connie during the convention. I guess you can say I did an awesome job.

This is a no-sew cosplay, which means I only wanted to pick items I could wear, without having to sew any parts together (since I don’t know how to sew…) No judgement, please.

The only pieces I needed for this costume were an extra-small blue romper, red sashes for pirate or martial arts costumes, gauze, and clear bandage tape.

I ordered everything on Amazon the week of NYCC — my prayers to the Amazon Prime gods were answered. Everything came on time and fit together perfectly out-of-the-parcel. The only accessories I picked up in person were gauze for the hand wrap. I already had clear bandages at home in my first aid kit.

Not only was this no-sew cosplay, it was expedited easy cosplay!

Here is the final product!

Here I am at Comic Con!

I’m sorry that I don’t have any blog-worthy photos of this costume. I’m not a professional cosplayer, so I was too dazzled by my first time at NYCC to focus on taking pictures of myself.

I’m not that vain!

Believe in the magic of anti-anxiety medications.

I didn’t feel well in the morning and seriously lagged getting ready for Comic Con. I wanted to leave by 10am — very ambitious for someone who never wakes up before 11. After schlumpling around until I felt better physically, combined with some cosplay complications (trying to make the face bandage look cute rather than abrasive,) I didn’t end up at the convention until around after 4pm. For those of you who don’t know, NYCC runs from about 1030am – 7pm on Friday, which sadly means I lost a lot of convention time.

Anxiety will do that to you.

I have never been to Comic Con or any other convention before because I am not a fan of large crowds in confined spaces. Immediately upon entering, my anxiety was intense trying to walk through the nerds, filtering around me in every direction.

Luckily for me, my claustrophobia, and history navigating NYC or club/music festival crowds (with or without company) has made me an expert on weaving through a sea of people. Many of whom stop in the middle of everyone’s walking paths to snap photos with their phone.

After pulling over to a more spacious area, I took one trusty benzo within the first 10 minutes of my arrival. I snapped my only cosplay photos while I was waiting for it to kick in.

After about 20 minutes, I felt safe and comfortable walking through the narrow-when-busy Artist’s Alley, and effectively swerved clusters of geeks and/or cute girls, who always seemed to congregate just directly in front of me. I went from fight-or-flight heart palpitations and fear, to friendly, chatty, and normal. Thank you, modern medicine.

Admittedly, I didn’t spend any time networking my blog or checking out panels. Instead, I was cruising the Artist’s Alley and Exhibitor Floor to shop for prints and gifts for my friends. I also scoped out areas that I wanted to re-visit when I returned on Sunday.


I am somewhat of a collectible art snob, and believe that Funko Pop figures are only acceptable as gifts — giving or receiving is fine. My partner bought this for me at the Funko Pop booth at Comic Con, so I’m not breaking my own pretentious rules. Technically, I got this on Sunday, but it matches my Friday costume, so it fits in this post!

Check back soon for my other no-sew Connie cosplay and NYCC 2019 experience part two — Sunday! I’ll share more of my haul with you.

Were you at NYCC 19? Did you cosplay, too? Let me know!

Update: IDK why I brought both my benzos and Adderall to NYCC day because I totally lost my whole bottle of Adderall on Sunday. I know, it’s a heartbreaking tale. Luckily I didn’t need the Adderall that often at the time, but I for sure never carried my full scripts with me anywhere ever again because of course I lost a mostly full bottle of the holy grail. 🤣 WHY DID I ALWAYS CARRY MY SCRIPTS LIKE THAT?! I think cause I always had a backpack or huge pocketbook? Whatever, I was a dumb.