Coming Soon… Apology Tour (Title of my Memoir.)

Anyone else go through an isolated depressive state and then have to go on an apology tour to your friends, family, professors, bosses, pets, plants, and fans (if you’re mildly famous like me?)

If your income is solely based on being an internet personality, then confining yourself to solitude is counterproductive to your recovery. You won’t make enough appearances to make money, your rank will get so bad that you won’t show up on the cam site without some serious scrolling, and you won’t make *any* money.

If you don’t have money, then that will lead to a whole host of other problems that will cause you to spiral.


I will consider today a win because I worked for one hour. I showered, brushed my teeth, took care of my cats, took care of my plants. I talked to my friends and partner.

It wasn’t my BEST day, but it wasn’t a *zero* day.

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