The Fine Line between OCD and Godliness.

~ Clear space, clear mind! ~

You can always tell when I am having a particularly bad depressive spell because my bedroom will be messy — very rare for me. I spend 75% of my time in here, so I need it to be tidy and cozy for my oh-so-fragile emotional well-being.

I clean a lot. I get, what I call, “the urge” to quickly stack, organize, or clean my apartment. I sometimes do this in other people’s apartments, as well.

As my eyes move across counter, floor, or appliance, I always notice more things that need to be cleared away, or a spot that needs to be scrubbed, or more space that can be made.

I often have to stop myself from wasting my time picking up the kitchen, or living room, or bathroom. If I don’t fight back against the urge, I will spend a lot of time cleaning and shirking the rest of my responsibilities.

And I don’t consider cleaning to be that productive if you’re just spending time cleaning instead of doing something that earns you cold hard cash… or warm digital tokens.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

I do believe that when you tidy up, you can meditate through putting your laundry away, doing your dishes, or vacuuming the floor. Whatever cleaning you’re doing, do it mindfully. Pretend you are clearing away negativity as you open up space in your home.

Clearing your space can help you clear your mind.

Don’t forget that leaving lots of clean and clear spaces will also help the flow of positive chi/energy through your house.

Don’t let clutter cause the energy in your home to become trapped and stagnant. Create a beautiful draft and let positivity flow throughout your apartment.

Your Higher Power will appreciate you cleaning in his/her/its/their honor and reward you with (at least) the feeling of relaxation and comfort that a freshly cleaned room brings.

Don’t make it a chore, make it a meditation activity and enjoy!

Cleaning tips for the lazy and depressed.

  • If you have a lot of clutter, start with your floors. Opening up that space will make you feel accomplished more quickly.
  • Keep counter, dresser, and table space as clear and open as possible. It will make your room feel more spacious if there seems to be a lot of areas to rest items.
  • Stack items that you keep out (but aren’t frequently using) in size order. Put the biggest items on the bottom. Become a master of balance.
  • If you are stacking books, video games, magazines, movies, comics, etc., face the titles outward, so they are visible to you.
    If I am stacking manga, I place them in ascending order — that way, I can see the titles and it doesn’t mess with my “OCD” too much.
  • Invest in tabletop organizers or baskets. They can be as cheap as $1 at dollar/discount-type stores and can keep commonly-cluttered areas organized cheaply.
  • Make your bed in the morning as soon as you get up. If you have a lot of pillows and blankets, you can just pull your sheets up and place your pillows neatly on top.
    – Folding my sheets and fixing my pillows helps my brain wake up a bit. Raise your hand if you have horrible sleep inertia!
  • Invest in a vacuum cleaner with a hose, or small dust buster! You can get a small Dirt Devil for about $20. It only takes a few minutes to keep the floors dirt/dust/fur/hair-free and it’s oddly satisfying.
    – I vacuum my floors almost everyday because I have two cats and two roommates (who are both allergic to cats.)
  • It’s okay to have shame drawer. You know the one where you dump things that you are sure you don’t want to throw away, but can’t find a proper space for just yet. Make use of that shame drawer. We can tackle its organization another day.

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