Jim Henson & Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Museum Exhibits Breed Awe & Inspiration.

Feeling Skekski… Might delete idk.

skekZok from the original Dark Crystal film on display behind a glass casing. Yes, it is TALL!

I just rewatched the original Dark Crystal last week and was SO GLAD I did after returning to the (still open) Jim Henson exhibit at The Museum of the Moving Image on a whim.

(I went with the Tao!)

I have always been a fan of Jim Henson and puppeteering. Who hasn’t watched Sesame Street growing up?

After my calculated Dark Crystal rewatch and spontaneous museum revisit, I became reinfatuated with the size, design, and details of these massive puppets.

Though the thought has crossed my mind on several occasions, I’ve never created any sort of puppet — manual or mechanical. But after visiting the nostalgically-curated Jim Henson exhibit a second time, my desire to branch out into challenging creative mediums has been sparked once more.

Two Skeksi for you.

I turned the corner from the Henson works to see a new exhibit of Netflix’s Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and I was bewitched by the intricacy of the individual characters’ construction.

Since I am a costume-creating enthusiast, I was especially captivated by the materials used just for the puppets’ clothing.

(Photo taken at exhibit of materials used in character costuming.)

And of course, I was wildly, outdoor-voicedly amazed at having the chance to see even more Skeksis towering over me.

These Skeksis were among other characters/species from the new Dark Crystal prequel; however, I am omitting them from this post in order to avoid spoiling any parts of this wonderfully produced creative masterpiece for anyone who hasn’t had time to watch the series themselves.

I believe that spoilers come in many forms: from character appearances, to other humans describing their emotional reactions to media you’ve yet to consume.

Since I am currently trying not to binge-watch great shows, and didn’t want to ruin any upcoming surprises for myself, I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked in that section of the museum.

When I finish Age of Resistance at a reasonable pace, I aim to make my own puppet.

Granted, it will be a far cry from the imaginative, professional structure of Jim Henson’s Workshop creatures and critters of Thra, but I am eager to give it my best try — crude though it will be at conception.

If you are interested in the ongoing Jim Henson exhibit, the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance exhibit (September 11 – February 23, 2020,) or you are interested in screenings, learning more about film production, television, audio recording, video games, equipment, media trends, set designs, prop designs, and more, visit The Museum of the Moving Image!

Side note: if you are currently registered, you can also vote at this museum early, or on election day!

What would your puppet concept design look like?