Killer Klowns Care Package + Bonus Birthday Box

The Killer Klowns from Outer Space “Slim” Funko Pop figure was a perfect unique gift for an old fan.

I put together this care package
for my partner’s friend, who is veteran fan of the classic tongue-in-cheek horror flick, Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

As usual, I took it as an opportunity for *~creative outlet~*.

Our mission was to purchase the Pop figure at NYCC and curate a spookysilly gift, whose theme revolved around the film itself, with the Slim Pop as the star.

We managed to acquire the NYCC exclusive “Slim” Funko Pop figure — except we didn’t nerd hard enough to actually get it at Comic-Con.

Technically, we missed grabbing the figure at the Funko booth, but we found an online collector who was selling just a few days later.

Since there was another Pop figure we wanted to send in the package, I decided to wrap it in clown-themed (ish) wrapping paper.

The box is stuffed with red foil, similar to the fake grass commonly found in Easter baskets.

Of course, we included the Killer Klowns from Outer Space Blu-ray.

If he doesn’t understand the references, he at least has a copy of the movie to refresh his memory and/or give him nightmares.

I also added two cotton candy flavored lollypops — if you’ve seen this horror film, you will know why cotton candy is so important — plus, one red lollypop that looks like a clown nose. 🤡

To make unboxing more fun, I covered the Slim Pop figure and added one bag of actual cotton candy hehehe.

Care package hack: the cotton candy will help keep all of the goodies in place when it is time for Friend to open his gift!

I hope he likes it!

BONUS: Birthday presents for my other friend!

I can’t reveal too much, but my other friend’s birthday care package was packed in layers of sparkly tissue paper with candy treats, temporary tattoos, little toys, and special presents I hope he will love!

Packing in layers of tissue paper and leaving loose toys and other favors will make the unboxing more exciting by giving the birthday boy much to excavate.

Part of the fun of opening gifts is finding more treasure as you reach further in and sifting through the garnish to reveal the prizes.

Send a cute care package or birthday box to someone special soon, so they know you handle your relationships with care. ❤️