Wash Your Crystals in the Full Moon Tonight

Excluding the Selenite lamp I have in my bathroom, these are all of the crystals I own so far.

My “Black Tourmaline” healing crystals flash card deck has the note, “I am protected on levels,” on the back. I recite this to myself while holding the crystal in my left palm a few times before putting it in a soft baggies and into my purse/fannypack/backpack/tote. I like to bring it everywhere, but tend to forget when I switch bags.

Which crystal is good for memory? Oh yeah, Selenite! I just remembered that on my own, so I guess it works.

Recently, my youngest sister visited me in my neighborhood and it was already seasonably dark out and getting late. I gave her the green aventurine I hold in my left jacket pocket for her journey home.

I wanted to pass the prosperity and wealth along, and also told her that I sometimes hold on to this talisman in my pocket when I feel anxious outside and it reminds me that, “I am part of the Tree of Life,” which the flash cards also taught me.

Even more recently, I visited my mother after a surgery and gave her my second green aventurine. She is somewhat religious, but did not reject the crystal when I told her I thought it was lucky and it promotes wellness and healing.

She especially liked when I told her that I brought that particular aventurine to a casino and won $190.

Maybe she is more in-touch with her spiritual side than I thought.

I keep the remaining crystals in my wealth corner to encourage positivity and good energy flowing into my bedroom and my life. I try to meditate with at least one for a bit on most mornings.

Currently, I have two clear quartz, bloodstone, citrine, amethyst, green amazonite, rainbow titanium quartz, and a natural garnet.

I had never seen an unfinished garnet before, so I was reluctant to buy it until after a few more visits. I am glad I did, because I love the weight in my palm.

It feels like I’m holding my heart of stone, filled with red ambition. Sometimes I swear it looks redder in my hand when I am having a particularly successful day.

I am loyal to myself and others is written on its respective flash card.

I say this over and over, because repetition is crucial to positive affirmation. I also ask myself if I am being loyal to myself and others.

Being sober-ish, working, and tidying up are the main ways I stay loyal to myself, my partner, my family, my friends, and my fans!

Of course, it is more complicated than just doing everything you think you should be doing. Questioning your loyalty to you and yours will help you hold yourself accountable for your positive or negative behaviors.

It will also help you to understand which of your behaviors can have positive effects or negative consequences for either yourself or others.

For example, skipping work may superficially seem like I am only being disloyal to myself, but if I am not earning enough money to complete a utility bill on Venmo right away, then I am being disloyal to the roommate who fronts the bill, or skipping work means not enough money for cat food, or that I would have to borrow money from my family/partner/friends.

We are all connected, let us be loyal to ourselves and others to see success.

Wash your crystals monthly to keep them energized.

On my first crystal purchase, the owner of the lovely Tibetan store I visit every so often  told me that I should let the crystals absorb sunlight in the same window the next day.

She mentioned that I should cleanse new crystals with sage or incense. I put my new crystals in the basket from a diffuser water bottle and held the burning incense under the basket to let the creamy smoke filter into the basket and surround them with positive energy.

I am fully charged!

Leave your healing crystals in a window that will receive a blanket of bright moonlight to charge them!

Full moonlight is strongest, so I put my remaining crystals in my bedroom window sill as soon as I got home, so they would have plenty of time to meet the Beaver Moon, although it technically arrived at 8:34 AM.

Meditate with each crystal individually after charging them and feel the difference in their vibrations. Use the appropriate crystals to heal any misaligned chakras.

Recite the mantras from the healing crystal flash cards, or do reseaerch on the fundamental healing properties of your favorite crystals and start working with them when you understand their purpose.

If you’re feeling disconnected from your crystals, try to focus on ones that you already have, rather than buying more and trying different ones.

Commit to crystals that are relative to you so we can work on magically bettering ourselves one day at a time.

And so it is.

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