Caffeine Conundrums

At some point in my life, I learned that the best time to drink caffeine was within 30 minutes of waking up.

Since I’m on a “new decade, new me” kick, I decided to start the morning by jumping out of bed and desperately trying to get my cold brew intake before the clock reached that 30 minute mark.

Only after I had my coffee did I do a quick Google search to reveal that I had been wrong this whole time and research within the last few years shows that the best time to drink caffeine is not as soon as you wake up, but about one hour after you wake up — depending on your personal circadian rhythm.

According to science and the article linked above, I’m a “night owl,” who wakes up at 10 AM; therefore, I should be inserting my coffee IV drip around 11 AM.

Tomorrow is another day to try again. I will report back on how badly my cortisol levels are fluctuating when I finally drink my caffeine the “right” way.

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