Weathering with You: Depression, Loneliness, Responsibility, Family, Mythos, & Love Exemplified in Rain and Sunshine.

If you are fortunate enough to live near a theater that is screening the anime film Weathering with You, you absolutely must make the effort to go. I personally cried at least twenty times because I was either so sad, or so happy. I just have a lot of feelings… what can I say?!

This interpretation contains spoilers below.

I recommend this movie particularly for those who have suffered from any hardships or emotional traumas that cloud over them and just won’t seem to clear away — the same way the drastic weather in the film reflects the burdens and moods of its characters.

Notably, the downpours and blazing sunshine in the film are not necessarily in direct relation to the primary and secondary characters’ feelings because throughout the movie, the rain affects all the citizens of Tokyo.

The unrelenting summer showers remind the audience that life’s havoc weighs not only on us, but on our partners, friends, families, neighbors, co-workers, and strangers. Though our woes are different, they influence all of us in a way that feels as familiar as a rainstorm.

Despite the situational variations of our individual struggles and desires, we should be mindful that those around us could be (and probably are) also grieving in some way. The film teaches us that while we may not share exactly the same tribulations, as humans, we do share similar reactions to chaotic circumstances.

Much like the weather, there are some trials in our life that are so beyond our control that we cannot simply change them by way of choice.

That is not to say that Weathering with You neglects to address that some consequences in our life are a direct result of our own decisions, as we learn through the main characters, Hodaka and Hina — two vulnerable teenagers bound by endearment, austerity, and Japanese folklore.

Regardless of the youngsters’ manufactured misfit family, a blossoming romance, and even Hina’s special powers to pray for sunshine at will, the rain always returns, often with greater force than before. The sole desire for sunshine is staggering, yet the citizens’ are too engrossed in their own sorrows to empathize with one another until the collective anguish — the perpetual rain quite literally floods them out of Tokyo.

This bold detail importantly signifies that support and love may not resolve our problems indefinitely, but they are absolutely crucial to combating the grey days both outside our doors and inside our hearts.

Weathering with You suggests that maybe we cannot stop the rain forever, but we can and should do our best to invite the sunshine into each other’s lives whenever possible.

After all, “The weather has always been crazy.” ❤️

Check your local theaters and bring someone special to see Weather with You — even if that special someone is just yourself!

If you don’t see it, try contacting your theaters to request more anime screenings! NERD POWER FOREVER!


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