Cutting Your (Vegetarian) Breakfast Calories in Half

Whole wheat pita with scrambled eggs and leftover veg.

I was dying for scrambled eggs on a whole wheat pita for days but nearly died when I saw how many calories are in one whole pita.

I cut the pita in half so I can pretend that it now has half the calories. Especially because one half only has the leftover spinach from the 9pm midnight snack burritos.

Ha ha. I will just do extra jumping jacks today to burn it off…

This breakfast sandwich has red onion, scrambled eggs, and spinach on a regular whole wheat pita. I also had half an avocado from yesterday’s meal. I finally sprinkled the eggs with a light-hand of Chipotle Tabasco and as heavy as a hand of cracked black pepper as I could get out of an nearly-empty shaker.

Bonus: Here is Cookie messing with the backdrop of my amateur food photography.

She’ll go for your thighs and crotch from behind the curtain and claw you if you aren’t paying attention.

Notice how I just barely saved my breakfast from certain doom when I busted the troublemaker.

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