My Vegan 9pm “Midnight Snack”

If I’m eating anything between 9pm – 130am, I consider it a “midnight snack.” Even if it’s a full meal.

Really these meals are neither midnight nor snack. But I’ll just go with it for now.

My new year’s resolution 2020 is to waste less food and actually use my leftovers. These vegan burritos were mainly made with leftovers for two reasons: because letting food go bad is a bad habit I am trying to kick, and because I have two roommates and a too-small fridge.

I created *~space~* in the fridge and made this healthy not-midnight not-snack with my roommate’s leftover whole wheat tortillas, leftover refried vegetarian baked beans from crazy nacho night, leftover red onions, leftover Violife vegan cheddar slices, and NEW baby spinach (because I ran out and bought a new package today.)

Also, half a newly purchased avocado… Because it’s only a super food that makes you live longer.

I know it’s cheating not to make your own salsa, but we had leftovers of that too. When I go for jar salsa, my go-to is Dessert Pepper Salsa — hot, of course. Even it killed my currently-chapped lips.

Vegetarian baked beans and tortillas are two food items I remember wasting several times last year because I could never finish the can or all 8 tortillas. Looks like combining forces with my roomie (and snaking the offered tortillas) was an excellent way to make sure we both reduced our food waste.

We broke tortilla together.

In case you’re wondering… The drink in the photo is not tasty horchata, but is also another leftover! It’s Silk vegan egg nog from the holidays. I skipped the usually cheeky Bulleit bourbon for tonight to preserve my mood. I did add clove and cinnamon to trick everyone into thinking I’m gourmet.

Bonus: This is how Sassy was eyeballing me while I swallowed the two burritos in my bed whole, lining them up and sucking ’em down.

Pls can I has burrito?

Store, save, and repurpose your leftovers to reduce food waste without forcing yourself to overeat. Save money, save your body, save some space, and maybe even do a little bit to save the Earth. If your heart is in the right place, the effort you are making to help will come back to you threefold. ❤️🌛✨

And so it is.

What kinds of recipes have you created using your leftovers?

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