Vegan Vietnamese Pho, but Thai Beer because “Signs”

Are my chopsticks okay? I just watched a YouTube video that is making me regret keeping them on the side of my bowl for this picture.

Please don’t send me death threats.

I had this fresh pho at a local upscale Vietnamese restaurant. It had lots of tofu and veggies, and you already know I used that entire ramekin of hoisin and Sriracha.

I wanted to ask for more hot sauce at first, but since it was my first time eating at this restaurant, I decided to have it as served.

Towards the end, my chapped lips suffered with even that amount of hot sauce.

Everything happens for a reason.

My (almost empty) drink was a Thai Singha. My decision to have a Thai beer rather than a Vietnamese beer was because the description under Singha on the menu stated that it was the only beer permitted to display the royal Garuda on it’s label.

I took it as a sign to order the Singha and was then prompted to read the history of the Garuda label in Thailand (linked above) as well as the mythology of the legendary Garuda, which appears in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain legends.

I’m not sure if that sign was more than an invitation to learn more about other cultures and religions, but knowledge is power. So, I guess the lesson in this post is… Drink more and get smarter? Eat more noodles? Remember to take your photo before you start eating? All of these?!

I’ve been posting a lot of food lately. I hope you’re all hungry.

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