Steal My (Old) Look

Mercari Shop (in case you don’t feel like scrolling.)

Back when I had a “real job,” I would rotate the same style of blouses, button-downs, pants, cardigans, and sweaters in different patterns and colors.

Now I work from home and I hardly wear any clothes at all because I don’t have to!

Last year I donated over 40 pounds of clothing, and now I am going for round two with a different approach.

I want to attempt to sell some of my old clothing to other people so I have more of an idea about where its new life will be when I thank it and send it on its way.

I’ve cleared out and organized my drawers again (with another 10 pounds of loot that I am finally ready to let go.)

The next boss is my closet (again) though I have already listed some of my old favorites on my Mercari shop.

I just opened up shop, so keep checking back for higher quality pictures and even more of my old style.

Preview: there will be a lot of short, backless, or low-cut clothing that I can’t squeeze into anymore even if I wanted to.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still all about the cheeky skirts and oversized sweaters… They are all just bigger sizes to match my more mature body. Haha. “Mature.”

Some listings so far:

XS American Apparel Shiny Legging (Matte finish).

XS UNIQLO Black and White button-down.

XS Uniqlo Black Blouse with front tie.

XS UNIQLO polka dot blouse with front tie.

Here is the link to my Mercari store.

It might seem eclectic during my “detaching phase,” but I’d like to share more of my personal style with you as I continue to transform my style over time.

I try to keep everything as low as I can on the site with free shipping. It’s mostly about giving my old things a new life with someone who can appreciate them. The bit of extra money can be used for well-being and blog upkeep.

If you are interested in something that is too pricey, send me a message and we can work out a deal. I love a good negotiation as much as you probably love a good bargain.

Even if you don’t buy anything, I am just happy to share a large part of my journey with you through my interesting taste in fashion.

If you DO buy things, then I get to practice more care packages and gift wrapping and post them here on the blog. We’ll have an even deeper connection then.

Plus, you get the origin Miss Moody Lilac business card! What other goodies will I include in the future? ⭐ I’m excited to get creative with them.

With love,

Miss Moody Lilac 🌸

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