Amazing Vegan Comfort Food at Modern Love in Williamsburg

One of my good friends recommended a restaurant in Brooklyn, named Modern Love, which serves vegan comfort food.

When I heard that combination of words, I was initially skeptical because I have been burned by so many vegan options that just don’t quite live up to the omni dishes they are imitating.

I put my trust in my friend because she has great taste in food, and is now turned vegetarian as well (One of us! One of us!)

The reviews for Modern Love are excellent even on websites that were good-food-forward, not just vegan-forward, so I knew it was going to be amazing.

Instead, here is the picture of my vegan oyster mushrooms and cheezy grits, plus my honey’s chickpea ranchero. Paired with a pomegranate mimosa and orange mimosa, respectively.

You probably know by now that I forgot to take a photo of the brunch menu and my appetizer.

Forgive me, Readers, for I have sinned against you by not sharing my Fried Mushroom Calamari. The texture of oyster mushrooms is very similar to traditional fried calamari. This vegan version was coated in Old Bay seasoning and was served with spicy mayo and my heavy-handed squirt of lemon.

My favorite thing about this restaurant besides the food? They take reservations! So rare in New York City, so you know I take advantage of Open Table when it’s available.

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