Sorry for what I’ve become / Because I’m becoming someone. (Poppy – Anything Like Me)

Poppy – Anything Like Me (Official Music Video)

I’m everything she never was/
Now everyone’s out for my blood

I’m not getting along with my roommates right now, and the lyrics for every song on Poppy’s I DISAGREE feel very relevant right now.

Sugar in my teeth
Demons in my dreams

I disagree with all of the reasons you’re mad at me
I disagree, everything in your life is a tragedy

Keep telling yourself that you’ve been playing nice
And go beg for forgiveness from Jesus the Christ

Fill the Crown:
You can be anyone you want to be
You can be free, you can be free
You can live happily, just turn the key

Nothing I Need:
When I said that I’m okay
All the power that you had, it just slipped away
It doesn’t matter to me

Hide your face, don’t talk back
I have you now, so face the fact

Bite Your Teeth:
Bite your own teeth
Don’t cry, just bite your own

Sick of the Sun:
I’m sick of the sun
It burns everyone
I want it to go away
I just wanna float away

Don’t Go Outside:
Crawl back into bed and close your eyes
Now is not the time to go outside
Lock the doors and find a place to hide

I want to get into why things aren’t peachy with my roomies at the moment (hint: this blog post,) but my blog is supposed to be about using holistic techniques for better peace of mind.

HOWEVER, my roommate told me it’s passive-aggressive to write my feelings in a blog post without coming to them first, but journaling is one of my approaches to get aggression out of your head.

I guess every time I write my feelings about anyone or anything before texting my them in person, it is passive-aggressive.

This blog post is purposely passive-aggressive because I can write whatever I’m feeling whenever I want. 🙂

Okay, so this is NOT peaceful, but Miss Moody Lilac is about progress, not perfection. And I’m sorting my thoughts out the best way I know how. Show me a person who says they don’t vent behind someone else’s back and I will show you a liar.

xoxo Gossip Girl (lol)

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