I’m Out of Tissue Paper, but I’m Still Eco-Packaging

Do you recognize this paper from the Non-Traditional Valentine’s Day Wrapping?

I’m out of that sparkly tissue paper that I’ve been using to wrap my Mercari sales.

I still have way too much gift wrapping paper from all those care packages and presents that I’ve put together.

I think that the gift wrap looks a lot nicer than the tissue paper, don’t you?

White tissue paper, even when it has glitter, looks like a diaper to me.

Gift wrap is just as cheap, doesn’t tear as easily, and comes in more exciting styles. I think I will be using more leftover wrapping paper for my Mercari shipments in the future.

Side note: my dining table is horrible for staging photos, if you couldn’t tell by the packages and food pictures!

That’s a wrap…

Okay sorry.

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