Make a List of Things to Do during Quarantine (Instead of Actually Doing Them!)

Excuse my bad handwriting this time around!

Yes, Petals, I am still here. I spent my first week of quarantine/shelter-in-place eating and napping and now I’m suffering from The Quarantine Fifteen. More on my uncharacteristic weight-gain later.

Mmm… Dat two weeks of groceries look so appealing when you have nothing else to do.

I made this list of things I want to do, or should be doing to better myself while I’m at home. I’m not working since my roomies are here, too, and I am holding my honey hostage at my apartment since his place is no pets. He’s double-quarantine.

It took me a full week to get back on a good track of cooking, exercising, blogging, and reading. If you can call 50 sit-ups, exercise, and this particular post, blogging.

What else can I do on this list? Besides play Animal Crossing, which is on my list, but takes up the majority of my awake-time because it’s so fun.

Rewriting this list to practice my handwriting should be on this list.

Let’s hope for better things to come!

And so it is!

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