Purity Ring – WOMB is Out Today!

I’ve streamed this today over and over because it’s amazing and ethereal and exactly the kind of musical release I needed on a gloomy NYC day on PAUSE.

Can’t wait for my vinyl copy to arrive in the mail — I was that guy and emailed Vinyl Me, Please to see if their pressing was just exclusive, or limited edition. As it turns out, it is both! That’s the kind of exclusive stuff I like, since it is the only “VIP” buy-in that I can afford.

And worth every penny.

You can still get a copy of the violet or black pressed vinyl HERE.

Or, you can get the Vinyl Me, Please version HERE, and we can be twinsies.

Purity Ring’s AMA on r/PopHeads is also available, if you’re interested.

Listening to new music is a good way to keep your brain active and creative during this difficult time. Take care of yourselves, and we will see you at the currently-postponed Purity Ring show when it is safe to tour and safe to go out.

Happy listening!

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