Anxiety (Sleep) Cycle

Do you ever get anxiety that you will have trouble sleeping at night, which then makes you too anxious to sleep altogether?

Do you lay in bed, nervous that you’re falling asleep at too late of an hour to wake up feeling alert and focused for the day?

That is me right now, but it is only 2 AM, so I can’t be sure how long it will take for my racing thoughts to finally kick and let me sleep.

Accompany the mental anguish with the urge to pee every 15 minutes, anxiety medication that is failing, and eyes too heavy to continue reading, and you have my recipe for a perfectly sleepless night before the one day I wanted to do something important.

Why am I like this?

#TeamNoSleep (and not in the fun party club way either!)

I wish you better luck than me with your torturous insomnia! I’ll get there… Eventually.

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