When You Do the Thing

Do that thing you have been procrastinating for months and months.

If it’s too big or intimidating to finish in one day, break it down into smaller steps in a to-do list.

If it’s still too overwhelming, break those items down into even smaller tasks that you can start doing to gain momentum.

Start with the parts that take less than 5 minutes.

Stop when you’ve had enough, or finish it if you can manage.

The only way you’ll be able to finish it is if you start somewhere!

And I know you can, because I did my thing today and all of my readers know how ferociously hindering my anxiety can be.

You’re way better at doing that thing than me, which means we can definitely all do it!

Thank yourself when you start. Then thank yourself when you keep going. Eventually you will get to thank yourself for getting it done!


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