You Can Take a Break!

I procrastinate everything I do and take many mental health days, but I tend to be just as hard on myself when I don’t accomplish things because of external circumstances.

I can be unfairly critical of myself when I look back and count my failures, rather than focus on my victories and aim for more.

Today, fatigue kept me from finishing that THING from yesterday’s post, and I felt extremely guilty about it.

Now, I have decided that it is okay and fair to take breaks when I need them, as long as I’m not spiraling out-of-control to a point where I have gone days — sometimes weeks — without any fulfilling any achievements.

I’ve been working on finding a balance this year before the C-19 pandemic and quarantines, then spiraled again, and now working towards stability, creativity, a better work ethic, and a healthy mind, body, and soul.

It is absolutely a lot of work to ascend from the bottom of a depression/anxiety spiral during normal circumstances, but the quarantine makes it that much more difficult.

I want the same things as so many of us in isolation: a normal sleep schedule, a better diet, freedom to go outside without anxiety, socialization, and the ambition to create good habits that lead to self-improvement.

It is scary for many of us, and for so many reasons, but we have the power to do all of these things and more.

We just have to remember to focus on our progress, not perfection and that we are allowed to give ourselves a break from trying to be our best selves, since we are transitioning into new selves with different needs, wants, and goals.

Relax when you can, and hang in there!

And so it is.

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