1 Movie Every Day – 420 Holidaze Edition

I am trying to watch at least one film per day during quarantine to be more film literate. Why is it whenever you try to read more, or watch more, of something, you realize how many titles that you’ve never seen?

I’ve even missed out on movies and books that everyone has seen or read — iconic pop culture media that makes people say, how have you never seen that?!

I didn’t watch anything new or green-related today, but I picked two movies that I used to watch all. the. time. during my loner-stoner daze when I was a freshly-graduated young adult.

Today’s selections:

Little Miss Sunshine

A movie about a dysfunctional family that reminds me of my own dysfunctional family. Each individual character reminds me of a respective member of my own family. I relate most to Steve Carell’s character, Frank. I’ll let you try to figure out why!

The Darjeeling Limited

Another film that reminds me of my own family, mainly because I’m part of a sibling trio, too — we are sisters in real life, though. I think I’m most like Owen Wilson’s character, Francis. I guess I’m a “Frank” in both situations. In this case, it’s because of the domineering, yet calculated, role of leadership I have with my sisters because I’m the oldest, as well.

I want to start a 3-film-a-day challenge, but I guess it only works for bloggers and people who are funemployed. What will my third movie choice be? To keep within the same theme of coming-of-age family dramas that I watched so often they shaped my young adult life… Maybe Juno?

I’ll report back tomorrow!

What 3 movies would you watch on your first day in a 3-film-a-day challenge?

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