This is a First…

I have nothing to say! Therefore, I have nothing to write. Let me try anyway.

My roommates are doing their weekly Bob Ross paint ‘n sip with their friends on Zoom, but I haven’t participated, yet. I’m entranced by the angel, Bob Ross, though. I wish it would inspire me to do some art, but I’m the kind of person who can’t do anything artistic unless the spark of inspiration hits me. Then, I have to fight the depression-anxiety-resistance and actually start the project and that is the hard part.

In another boring quarantine life update, I’ve finished The Subtle Knife today and immediately started The Amber Spyglass. I want to watch the His Dark Materials series on HBO, but I won’t until I read all three novels, just in case the creators do some shenanigans like combine elements from the books that I have not read yet and include it in the earlier parts of the storyline. This is one of the reasons why I always like to read the book/comic/graphic novel (or play the video game) before watching any television or film adaptations — you never know when producers are going to spoil events that happen later.

I don’t mind when the story is changed, but I become irrationally angry forever if something is spoiled for me. Even without social media, this happens to me way too often. The only way to be safe is to never Google anything about a series, or go on IMDb in the middle of a movie/television season (even to look up info on actor.) Literally, the only thing you can do to not spoil something for yourself is to put complete focus into the thing you are watching or reading, which is useful advice for most things we do in life, I reckon.

I had more to say than I originally thought.

I hope you all get some reading/writing/painting/viewing/exercising/choring/relaxing done today, too.

Love always,

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