One Thing a Day for a Better Future (Especially during Quarantine)

Even if I’m not perfectly following my own advice, doing one new thing a day for self-improvement has definitely broadened my interest in different media and even managed to give me a bit of inspiration sketching, writing, and continuing the one-a-day journey.


I don’t count EP’s in this category, only full-length albums. Always listen to the whole thing from start-to-finish — it’s curated that way to tell a story.

Superhumanoids – Exhibitionists

Recommended on Spotify as an album similar to… I forgot! However, the artists I most recently listened to were Real Estate, Band of Horses, Wild Ones, and Broken Social Scene, so that might give you an idea of what their sound is like. I liked it, so why not give something new a try yourself?


It doesn’t have to be a new film for me, I just try to focus and watch actively in an attempt to understand cinematic choices, as well as symbolism, direction, and character development.

Audition (1999) Directed by Takashi Miike.

I remember some of the opening scenes from watching this when I was on a weeby Japanese horror movie kick back in high school, but not much after that. Unfortunately, I was too tired to keep going and have to get back to it tonight. It still counts as my one.

One Television Show

I’m honestly trying to watch less television, but I am trying to cast something new to the TV while I am eating, or having a hard time focusing on reading.

Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020

I talk a lot of smack about reality shows because I tend to view things with the lens of someone who is producing the guests and situations in either a scripted way, or a way that can be edited together to look interesting to unsuspecting (or unintelligent) television viewers. If you’re not watching reality television with some air of understanding that it absolutely is fake or scripted, or edited for entertainment, then the word gullible is also written on your ceiling.

That being said, I can harshly say that I tried other cities of Terrace House and found them a bit boring, despite the serene and beautiful backdrops of Hokkaido, Hawaii, and Tokyo (in a previous season.) I am not used to the humble and shy nature of unrealistically gorgeous reality show contestants, and I found their attempts at finding relationships entirely too slow for me.

Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020 is an exception to that, as the characters seem to move a bit quicker in terms of asking each other out of dates and share their feelings with each other a bit more openly. To use a cliché: it’s more my speed!

The thing I find most interesting about all of the Terrace House seasons is that there is always one character who doesn’t “apply” him/herself, or is unsure about what he wants his/her ultimate future career path to be, leaving the other contestants and commentators wary of their decision making. I think about how I can relate to a wandering guest on the show, not exactly worried about being left behind by others with more ambition than me, but more concerned with being judged by my peers and elders. Of course, the indecisive guest is given flack from everyone else, and anyone who isn’t completely dedicating themselves to hyperfocusing on their future is shamed.

Heck, man. I am that person. I’m the crappiest worst guest on Terrace House because I am the unfocused adult. At least it has inspired me to work on my aspirations during quarantine (and hopefully after, as well.) I can’t keep using my disease as a crutch for the rest of my life — the whole point is to overcome.

Side note: The commentators were talking about the Tokyo Olympics during the first episode of the season, and you can see the stadium in the opening credits, so I am curious to see how they will approach the subject of Coronavirus, quarantine, and the Olympics being postponed until July 2021 due to the pandemic, if they do at all.

One Thing to Read

No duh, you don’t have to read one book a day to be your best self, but you should read a book, or article, or your old school notes to help improve and solidify your memory — especially if your brain is destroyed by drugs and alcohol like mine.

The third book in the His Dark Materials series, finally! This series is so good, I know that I am going to fly through this book like I did The Subtle Knife. Then I can finally watch the show on HBO and see their interpretation, I have a feeling it is going to be a lot different than what I have going on in my imagination, but that’s okay, as long as they do it well.

One Chore

Or should I say, one chore that you don’t already have to do every day. Not like making your bed, or feeding your cats, or whatever it is you definitely do every single day.

Plant Watering Day!

Technically, Tuesday is plant day, but I forgot to do it until too late and moved it to today. I am happy to see that my bigger living Christmas tree is starting to sprout fresh pines. The little one was doing the same not too long ago. I think they are both ready for a fresh potting, so I ordered soil. I’m very excited because I’ve never had these types of trees before, and now I have two! No offense, Money Tree.

Did you even do one thing today to better yourself? Prove it — to yourself!

And so it is.

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