Who else do you know that has four calendars? (Humble brag.)

Cats on Catnip 2020

Pusheen 2020

Wide view!

These calendars were both gifts, so they needed to be next to each other so they didn’t make each other jealous.
Also on the bulletin board: The My Pillow guy and the “if you wanna be cool, you gotta wear Kerropi” kid from The Toys That Made Us documentary series on Netflix.

The Nature Conservancy 2020

The Nature Conservancy deserves a donation from me when I have more money because they knew exactly how to placate me with gifts: a wall calendar with nature pictures and mailing sticks with my address next to an animal.

Oh she caught me!

Morning Glory Calendar 2020

The owner of my local Morning Glory (Korean stationery store) gifted me this calendar around Christmastime 2019. I always spend a lot buying little gifts for my family, friends, and (mostly) myself whenever I visit, but this is the first time I’ve gotten a free gift, so it’s extra special since I don’t think that they give out free things very often — at least that is what I tell myself since I can’t leave without dropped at least $50 on kawaii pens and notebooks.


It’s hard to take a wide angle shot of your room when you’re in front of a mirror, but don’t want people to see your face… or the bedroom litterbox.
Not pictured: A giant, flattened Rilakkuma plush doing what he does best — lounging!

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