Dinner of Sides — Bar Food Edition

#DinnerofSides is a thing I do on Thanksgivings as a vegetarian — since I am not eating the main dish, which is usually meat, I would eat all sides without meat in them. My mom has also started making bc a separate meat-free portion of various sides for me when I visit.

Since I love sides, I sometimes make a dinner out of only sides on un-Thanksgiving.

Now that I am temporarily eating dairy again, I’m trying things from local restaurants that I normally wouldn’t/won’t be able to have when my diet is dairy-free.

Giant Bavarian pretzel (with not enough mustard,) spinach dip, Beyond meat hard-shell tacos, Lagunitas Pilsner, and parmesan truffle tots. I don’t think I like truffle oil, though, and I will probably just stick with plain tots from this local dive bar that is currently delivering beer — WOO!!

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