Wear Your Good Makeup Today!

I work from Home Regularly — it’s hard not to let yourself “go”

Even before quarantine, I worked from home and I was here every day, only leaving if I had some errand to run. This on-camera job requires high self-esteem accompanied by a thick skin, so I did my best to look good during the day.

I didn’t always wear full makeup and a cute outfit to work because I felt like I didn’t need it. Half-makeup and full-makeup were for special occasions, or for days when I just felt like doing a little extra.

In short, even now in quarantine with my adjusted schedule, I only do my hair and makeup for me — not necessarily for fans, coworkers, friends, partners, parents, or anyone else. As it should be!

This doesn’t mean that I don’t care about my outward appearance — I actually care a lot. Having a positive outlook of yourself can boost your self-confidence and help improve your mood.

Sadly, there are just some things that cannot currently be done whilst in quarantine. I’m just praying that my hair stylist, eyebrow threading place, and nail salon are all fit to re-open again when it’s all over. I will single-handedly give them enough business to stay afloat until things pick up again at this point.

With quarantine comes the realization that without the help of professionals, I truly am incapable without my neighborhood “glam squad.”

Seriously, my cuticles are so bad right now.

But, I am learning how to do some things on my own with the tools that I already have at home, or, in some cases, acquired after realizing that what I had on-hand was not actually adequate for home beauty care.

my quarantine-adjusted wFh beauty tips to improve self-esteem and ultimately your life

Disclaimer: You are beautiful the way you are, and are under no obligation to follow beauty tips from a random blogger. Practicing hygiene and a beauty regimen help my mood when I work-from-home, so I thought I’d share it with you. Regardless, do it for you if/when you want to!

  1. TRY to make healthy eating choices and do light exercise.
    – You don’t have to eat healthy all the time or be perfectly aligned to one particular diet in order to practice healthy habits. It can be as simple as picking whole wheat, or increasing your vegetable intake.
    DRINK WATER! Hooray for hydration!
    – Eat things that are good for your gut because your mood and gut bacteria may be related: fermented foods (yogurt, miso,) high-fiber foods, ginger, spicy foods, & garlic.
    – Exercise at home with YouTube videos, or just make up your own routine — if you aren’t sure how to work out a certain part of your body, just Google it! If you’re not sure the name of a body part, get imaginative when searching, and you are bound to find a website that has instructions with pictures eventually. “Workout for fat flap inbetween boob and gut.” Something like that.
    – Go outside for a walk as often as you can, even if it is just for errands. Plan your errands around whenever you’re due for some sunlight and exercise. Dat Vitamin D.
  2. Shower, wash hair, brush teeth, & floss regularly.
    – Showering and washing hair schedules are different for every person. I typically shower at least once daily, but I only wash my hair every 2-3 days.
    – I use the Daily Self-Care Shower spell from The Good Witch’s Guide almost every time I shower.
    – Brush your teeth morning and night, and floss once a night. Use mouthwash, if you desire — some people feel that mouthwash can be harmful to naturally occurring good mouth flora.
  3. Read a little each day.
    – Yes, this is a beauty tip because you have a beautiful mind and you shouldn’t let it go to waste! Reading exercises your brain and keeps it sharp for use in other areas.
    – Similarly, practicing art in different mediums can help you stay creative. If you typically practice in clay, try painting with watercolor. If you’re a writer, try learning a musical instrument!
  4. Wash your face before bed every night.
    – Better yet, go through your entire skin care routine after every shower and nighttime face wash.
    My routine is: Cetaphil wash, benzoyl peroxide, AHA, Cerave cream or Fresh Youth Preserve moisturizer (when I am feeling rich and fancy.) Occasionally, I will exfoliate with Alba Acne-dote, which has Salicylic Acid in it, so I don’t use benzoyl peroxide in my routine on those days, as they can interact negatively and cause a breakout.
  5. Do a face mask every once in a while!
    – You can order them online, or buy them in a pharmacy for relatively cheap. There are so many kinds, for so many different types of skin conditions. It is an easy and affordable way to treat yourself sometimes.
    – You can spend the waiting time reading, or doing another beauty regimen.
  6. Do your nails at home.
    – As someone who has had acrylic nails basically since I was… 16 years old, this has been an extremely difficult transition for me. I’m still working on a routine that is healthy and looks good since I cannot currently get them done anywhere. Bougie, I know, but cut me some slack because that was my thing.
    – Clean and shape nails regularly. Moisturize every time you shower or wash your hands — even though it might be a lot extra for you during quarantine.
    Push cuticles, don’t cut. (At least, that’s what I keep reading. I’ve just invested in a cuticle kit and some cuticle oil. I think it’s working? My cuticles were pretty cracked and unhealthy without the biweekly salon upkeep. Hopefully they soften up and look hot soon so I can give you all some better advice! )
    – Paint nails with a base coat or vitamin-infused clear polish. Paint them with color if you feel like, but always start with base coat. I am envious of those who are good at painting their own nails because sadly I am not. Perhaps with more practice?
    – Give yourself a pedicure! Everything that you do to your fingernails, you can do to toe nails — cut, shape, take care of cuticles, use a base coat, paint if you feel like. I honestly don’t feel like myself without getting my nails done, but at least I’ve (mostly) got my pedicure looking good on my own.
  7. Do your eyebrows at home — but PROCEED WITH CAUTION!
    – I would normally find this sacrilegious because I had my brows threaded biweekly. If you remember my famous words, it’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to give your face a striking, framed look and it made me feel great to do them often.
    – I don’t know how to thread eyebrows. My skin is too sensitive to wax. I have been tweezing. Please send help.
    – I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Wiz to trick people in to thinking I have good brows still. Actually, I ran out of that and I am using Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade, which I have also forgotten how to use well.
    – I brush my eyebrows into the shape I like even when I don’t wear makeup on them. Clear eyebrow gel helps keep them in place for a “natural” look.
  8. Blow dry or curl hair when you’re feeling cheeky. Flat iron your hair all other days.
    – If you’re feeling lazy, just blow dry your roots (upward!) Or just tame your hair a bit with heat tools for a quick self-esteem boost.
    – Yeah, I really do flat iron my hair almost daily. I have thick, long, wavy hair and it gets frizzy and poofy. #humblebrag, but it’s healthy enough to withstand the damaging effects of heat better than other types of hair. Don’t follow this tip until your hair can take that type of heat abuse. It will fall out like in that gif. You know the one.
    My hair care routine: Wash with scalp-normalizing shampoo (Pure Life Wild Indigo when I can find it, or Avalon Organics Mint shampoo,) Hi Pro Pac Extremely Damaged protein mask instead of conditioner, rinse with cold water, blow dry roots up on lazy days, flat iron on non-blow dry days, and lastly, Hask Weightless Argan Oil about once a day, on my ends only.
    – I brush my hair at least once a day from top-to-bottom, just until it’s free of tangles.
    – My hair has gotten veeeeery long during quarantine, so a top-knot, double buns, low ponytail, or side braid are cute and easy hairstyles that take only a few minutes to do with long hair, and just happen to be the only hairstyles I know how to do. Side note: It is so hard to part hair without long, sharp fingernails! I miss my witchy nails.
  9. Wear BB Cream everyday.
    – A good BB cream is infused with benefits for your face, such as sunscreen and skin tone evening with lasting effects.
    – BB cream plus clear gel on trimmed eyebrows equals my easy, everyday natural look.
    – It’s always good to let your skin breathe, so don’t forget to have totally makeup-free days as often as possible. BB cream is just to make it look like you’re just yourself, but with better looking skin. Ha.
  10. There is “A” makeup and “B” makeup.
    – “A” makeup is your good makeup! The makeup that you would wear out when you most want to. The fresher makeup. The makeup you carry with you when you go out. WEAR THIS MAKE UP SOMETIMES! Where else are you going to wear it if you’re stuck at home during quarantine? Better than let it dry up, or feel sad, or if you forget how to do it forever.
    – “B” makeup is your still good, but not as good… maybe just about to run out or something… makeup that you keep at home. This is better to use as your everyday makeup, so you don’t waste any leftover product when you buy its replacement, you can practice putting on your everyday look in less time, and most importantly — look cute and feel cute!
  11. Wear perfume at home on occasion.
    – You will smell pretty and feel good knowing that you won’t have to compete with other people’s scents, nor the stanky scents of the city (if you live in one!)
  12. Get a good night’s sleep whenever possible.
    – This is so hard for me. I frequently have insomnia. I have trouble sleeping when it’s too quiet, or too dark. Sometimes I have to sleep with the TV on, sometimes I can only sleep if it’s dark and there is music on. Sometimes I wake up because someone else is snoring, or I get the night pees.
    – I also have a hard time waking up early, but I am doing my best to wake up before 10 AM and go to sleep before midnight during the work week. Each night I wonder, why does my body think it needs ten hours of sleep every night? And I pray to wake up earlier. WHYAMILIKETHIS?
  13. Wear an “outdoor fit” at home now and again, rather than staying in yourindoor fit” every day.
    – I’m all about the all-day grey sweatsuit, but every few days, I wear an outfit that I would wear out, or to work, while I am at home. Instead of changing into a “work” outfit, I just work in whatever I am wearing underneath my outfit! You don’t have to do that unless you feel like giving someone a sexy, secret surprise. Someone who would want one from you, of course.

I think I’ll stop at 13 because it’s lucky for witches and I have had an affinity toward it recently.

I hope that this list doesn’t make me seem too shallow — it is literally my job to be pretty and mean, though, so hopefully it is interesting and complex from your perspective.

I know a lot of us are stuck inside and we might be going a bit crazy. These are just some things that I do to love myself.

Do you have any self-care tips that you do to pamper yourself and improve your mood?

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