Interesting news

My landlords are selling this house and I’m unsure what that means for the current tenants when our leases are up, but I think that’s a sign that I should save every penny in preparation for moving.

I’m taking this news better than I thought I would; probably has something to do with the chill pill I took earlier. I just know that I can actually work from anywhere, I don’t even have to stay in NYC if I don’t want and I would probably save a ton of money in literally any other hipster city and feel mostly at home.

I also have family and friends here, so if I moved away, then I have the privilege of being able to come back if things don’t work out. Usually, things have a way of working themselves out in a positive way — you just have to accept your destiny and prepare for the future. And save your money, always!

FURTHERMORE, I can still live in NYC if I find an apartment I like. I know a lot of people who have moved and it wasn’t that hard with a realtor, just very pricey. As a starving artist, I hope that I can build up the courage, credit, and cash to move into a pet-friendly apartment with a balcony and absentee landlords like this one. *SOB*

Send positive prayers my way. And I will pray that everyone gets their hearts’ true desires and find prosperity and fulfillment in their lives with no struggle, only challenges that can be overcome.

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