My Essential Shower Album Playlist

The benefits of listening to music in the shower are plentiful, but here is my particular vindication for casting music to my bathroom speaker every single time I wash.

First of all, listening to music in the shower helps me keep track of time: if the playlist has ended or started over, if I’ve finished an entire album, or if my queue is completed, then I know I should probably get out of the shower NOW.

Stop zoning out and conserve water.

Similarly, saying the Daily Shower Self-Care spell from The Good Witch’s Guide helps me keep track of time, because I know that when I get to the second half of the spell, I’ve showered for the perfect amount of time.

The Shower Spell

Pages from The Good Witch’s Guide by Shawn Robbins and Charity Bedell. (p. 97-8.)

I try to listen to music and say the spell every time I shower, but sometimes I get distracted by the music and break my concentration. Now, I’m trying to say the first part of the spell before I start tuning into whatever is playing, enjoy my tunes, then finish up the spell in cold water. I’ll let you know when I get the rhythm of it down perfectly. ProTip: sometimes you have to say the spell to the melody of your music to stayed centered. It’s kind of like being in a trance, which probably makes your spells more effective!

Next, listening to music in the shower can help improve your mood, or have a cathartic effect if you are listening to something sad and want to do a shower cry. Be careful about doing a shower dance, though, because you could slip and die. I wondered today how many people get injured that way every year.

Singing in the shower, however, should be required by law. How else are you going to practice if you’re a bad singer like me? The acoustics in a shower make everyone sound great, either way.

Finally, if you’re trying to do a daily new music challenge, listening to an album while you’re in the shower is the best way to ensure that you will commit to (most or) all of an entire new album. Hopefully, you’ve turned the mic off on the Google Home Mini you have in your bathroom and you can’t use the voice command to change the playlist.

Although, every now and again, I absolutely will hop out of the shower with my soggy wet body, towel off my hand, and change the music. On horrible days, the connection craps out and I have to spend a good 90 seconds dripping and shivering to get it working again.

A good failsafe for not having speakers in the bathroom is just turning the volume on your mobile device all the way up. This is how I exclusively listened to my shower music before Google started giving away trillions of Google Home Minis for no apparent reason (except to spy and improve their equipment, probably.)

Before I turn the shower on, I make a very concerted decision about what music I am going to play while I am showering. On a regular day, a shower takes me about half an album, and after care will take the second half of an album. On a dreaded hair-washing-and-drying day, my showers take about 2 albums long.

I used to play playlists when I showered, but I rarely do anymore because they are highly unpredictable, especially as they grow. Picking a queue of albums is like picking the stories you want read to you that are going to set the mood for your whole day.

Evidently, as you will see by my musical selections, my days are a combination of wistful, loving, charming, upbeat, and melancholy. I guess you could say that I am… Moody? Hehehe.

(In no particular order) My favorite albums to listen to in the shower:

Tove Lo – Sunshine Kitty

This is what I listened to today. If you are a pop music head with a lot of feelings, but who also loves to dance, then you’ll love Sunshine Kitty as much as I do.

Bonus: Here is the only photo I took from the Tove Lo concert in NYC back on Feb 13.

Her leg was broken and she performed from that chair. I had such a good time I forgot to take any other pics. That’s how you know it was an excellent show.

Circa Survive – The Amulet

Circa Survive is my favorite band, and I love all of their albums, but this is the one I always stream when I’m feeling woeful. I’ve been a fan since the days of Fuse and Warped Tour and Alternative Press Magazine, and even though this is one of their latest releases, The Amulet still evokes a nostalgic feel for me. I listen to this when I know my day will include a heavy heart and open mind.

Faded Paper Figures – Relics

My roommate once told me that the music in this album sounds like the music you hear when you’re creating your Sim character. Maybe that’s why I’m so obsessed with it? Music that sounds like video game music all the way.

Faded Paper Figures – The Matter

Sorry, roommates. I play this album from start-to-finish on every speaker in every room in my apartment. Listen to this when you’re in the mood for modern Electro Dream Pop that sounds like it could be on a cartoon like Adventure Time — which is an amazing thing, in my opinion.

Poppy – Am I A Girl?

Speaking of music that sounds good in cartoons, I can’t forget about how frequently I play Poppy in the shower. Before Am I A Girl? was released, I would play Poppy.Computer to put a smile on my face, but this release is more complicated and thoughtful, with an electro rock feel. I play Am I A Girl? when I’m feeling more edgy.

Bonus: Poppy – Just My Type on We Bare Bears!

Purity Ring – Shrines

You already know how much I love Purity Ring. No further explanation necessary. 🙂

Geographer – Innocent Ghosts

My love for Geographer is more closely related to Purity Ring than Circa Survive. Circa Survive has the history, but the synth and sorrow on Innocent Ghosts has me adding this album to not just my showering album playlist, but my cooking, sleeping, walking, and general listening queues as well.

Geographer – Myth

Like I said… I love Geographer. And I love sad synth pop. Listen to every song on this album until the end, because the songs’ individual build-ups make them worth it.

As Tall As Lions – You Can’t Take It With You

On the subject of emotionally charged ballads, I would normally queue this album after The Amulet when I am feeling rueful.

Wild Ones – Mirror Touch

When I first got a record player, I knew that Mirror Touch was the first vinyl I wanted to buy for myself (with my own money!) All the same, I love this album so much I couldn’t reserve listening only for times when I break out that contraption. This album is lovely and peaceable and is what I consider my go-to when it’s shower time and I’m taking too long to pick anything else.

Wild Ones – Keep It Safe

I take it back. This is my go-to album, in and out of the shower! Thank you Wild Ones for the tame and dreamy music that you can play while completing any task on your To Do list.

Day Wave – The Days We Had

Another album that my roommates are probably tired of hearing. Like the Wild Ones albums, The Days We Had soothes my ever-aching heart with romantic lyrics and alluring melodies.

CHRVCHES – The Bones Of What You Believe

If you want soulful electronic music with cryptic lyrics, replay The Bones Of What You Believe as many times as I have. Until you think you understand the meaning behind “The Mother We Share,” at least.

Alvvays – Antisocialites

Alvvays: another bands that uses a “v” where it isn’t supposed to be — actually, they use two! Similar to Wild Ones as far as being inoffensive and light (in a good way,) but with a more punk-feel in their relatable lyrics.

Tokyo Police Club – A Lesson In Crime

Pure. Nostalgia.
Remember when Tokyo Police Club predicted that robots would take over the world in “Citizens of Tomorrow?” I do! If you don’t believe me, how many hands-free devices do you have in your apartment?

Tokyo Police Club – Elephant Shell

This album was released after A Lesson In Crime, and I think I certainly listen to it more often. Electronic sound intermixed with rock music? Yes, please! I’m not as well versed on the lyrics of every song on this album yet, so I guess I’ll just have to put it on again-and-again until I know them all by heart.

That took longer than I anticipated because of all the picture saving and uploading and inserting and formatting. I need to call upon the Buzzfeed gods to help me create attractive and enticing lists to keep you all interested. It worked out for them, didn’t it?!

In case you couldn’t tell by the To-Do’s, shoppings, and various blog posts, I am consumed by lists and I want to share that habit with you all.

Thank you for always being there to read them.

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