More Lilacs (& Confused Neighbors)

Not the lilacs I mentioned in my previous post, but I attempted to snap a few pics of these pink-purple beauties in my hood.

It’s tricky to take a photo of someone else’s front garden without seeming like you are taking photos directly into their apartment especially when they are standing a few feet away.

I’m sure they just thought I was a weird phone-addict practicing (very) blurry amateur photography on my phone.

I had to make a joke of it when I finished and yelled, “Go! Go! Go!” Then started running toward my apartment as if I was an unsubtle spy.

Hopefully they realized I was playing; though if they know me at all, it is probably as the elusive peculiar neighbor with living Christmas (Yule?) trees on my balcony and wild, excessive ceiling decorations that can be seen from the street and are only rotated seasonly.

And I’m okay with being the local, eccentric neighborhood hippie witch.

Now if only I could get a picture of the perfectly-colored lilacs up the block. Why is someone always right outside those particular lilacs? Could they be fairies, perhaps? Hmm

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