Give a $10 Tip!

Cringe warning: I wrote this stream-of-consciousness and I kind of sound like I’m humble-bragging about tipping well. It may be too cringey for the average reader. I’M SORRY!

tl;dr: People who work for tips deserve a little extra from time-to-time, when we can afford it. Help others out in anyway you can, and hopefully they pay it forward in the future at some point! The world is better when we have empathy for others.

I like to consider myself a great tipper (#iamverykind #iamveryrich /s) because I used to waitress and, even now, I work for tips. I try to give back specifically to those who work mostly or only for tips because I know that the effort put into the work does not always award an equal amount of pay.

Especially now with the Covid-19, I have been giving larger-than-usual tips to workers like my laundromat owners (who do drop-off service) delivery people, and Uber drivers. I’ve only taken Uber twice, though, because I’m self-quarantining and staying inside as much as possible. If I have to go out, I mainly try to walk, even if it’s miles, because I’m getting pretty soft and I need the exercise 😭!

I like to think me and the other for-tips workers have some kind of secret mutual connection; a private understanding of the complicated free-lance working world. It’s totally a psychic connection.

I think the people who I tip might have a family, or be a college student, or trying to help their parents. Either way, I know they most likely work harder than I do, especially on days when I severely lack motivation.

Despite how well I am, or am not, doing financially, I always try to give back what I can, when I can. I’m happy to share a slightly larger tip during quarantine when I am doing well because the people working hard deserve it.

It obviously doesn’t have to be a full $10, either. Maybe it’s my New York ‘tude, but I think 20% of your total bill + anywhere from $1 – $100000000 extra is a reasonably kind gesture. Relative to the individual situation, and your own financial situation, duh. That’s why you do it when you can.

Like, I get why you don’t want to tip the driver from the Thai place up the street $18 because that’s 20% of your total bill on Seamless ’cause you got alcohol this time and they literally aren’t even going to drive the scooter they are going to walk for 3 mins so is $18 too much I’m not sure anymore but you didn’t make that much money this week yourself so yeah maybe it is too much but you still feel bad for some reason. Maybe that example is too specific…

Do you wait until the person can see you leaving money in the tip jar? I always just throw it in whenever.

I’m trying to repay acts-of-tipping-kindness back, but you can repay acts of kindness in other ways, too. Just try to be nicer idk. Or do something because it’s a nice thing to do and not because you expect something in return.

I don’t know where I was going with this. My witch book just say to be kind and act with love, always, so I’m consciously trying harder to do that. Try being the operative word…

I guess I was just thinking of a way we can be extra kind and help someone out. Money is a loaded topic. Bad idea. Delete this post from your memory!! UN-READ THIS!

At least I wrote today?.. Progress not perfection. 😿

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