Does This Count?

I haven’t been updating much in the last few days because I’ve been dealing with some moving-related stressors. Normal stressors, to be fair (to be fairrr… to be faiirrrrr..) but ones that are affecting me heavily because of my *~emotional disorders!~*

I read my tarot today and I got the impression that the best thing I could do for myself is to be creative. Does this count as being creative? I’m writing a journal entry from my own mind. Although, I don’t have much that I want to say on here.

Correction. There are things that I want to say, but that I can’t say on here. Somethings are better left private, though the candor of my other posts may suggest otherwise at times.

Not to mention that just because I know that I need to be creative in order to be my best self, does not mean that I don’t still have those invisible barricades that depression/anxiety construct. Even though creative work is something that I enjoy doing, I feel the lack of willpower all the same. It isn’t just with things that I have to do, just as often, it’s with things that I want to do.

Today I looked up the alchemic properties of mushrooms because I ate them for dinner. Strength and courage! I keep telling myself that mushrooms gave me those attributes whenever I am reluctant to do anything today. I have the courage to exercise, to write a blog post… anything.

And I have the strength to overcome my waning motivation.

COURAGE! (French accent.)

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