Getting Sucked into Your Phone (And Not in a Good Way)


EDIT: Still not fixed, but whatever!

I don’t know about you, but I always get sucked into my phone for much longer than I’d like to look at it. I’m trying to reduce my unhealthy phone practices and it’s a constant battle to stay off the dang thing.

I have a lot of technology in my apartment, and I clearly rely on it for mostly every aspect of my life. Even reading, as I switch between analog (hehe) books and eBooks all the time. Not to mention I used to be Help Desk/IT specialist as a part-time job in college, so I’m savvy enough. THAT WASN’T A HUMBLE-BRAG!!!

Interestingly, now that I’m getting into magic a bit, I think technology doesn’t work as well for me, or I’m just not interested in being ruled by it allllllll the time. Maybe they don’t mix? Although, I’m sure there are some cool science witches out there, too. I just feel like the tech acts strangely whenever there is a lot of magic flowing around my apartment, or if someone gets emotional here, the TV starts acting funny, or something will fall over. I call it the entropy.

Some days, I also think Sassy sucks up the WiFi when she looks really poofy, so what the heck do I know?

cat.exe has stopped working.

Whether it’s because of texting, Reddit, or some combination of other nonsense, I always feel like it drastically cuts into my productive time.

I tell myself that I will write better, longer, and in a rhythm if I’m using WordPress on my laptop instead of my phone, but I always put my laptop away when I’m done using it . Ah, I bet you never thought that there would be perils to being an efficient neat freak, did you?

I need my own desk and office so I can lock myself up and force myself to read and write.

Okay, I used my phone powers for good tonight because I wrote a blog post, but it’s soooo hard not to automatically check and answer allllll my text messages, or create new conversations with people, or scroll through Reddit, or read several news articles forever, or add things to my Amazon shopping cart but don’t buy them yet ’cause I should really wait until I earn more before I start spending, or stare into my background or whatever else I have open then zone out and forget what I was doing for like 10 minutes. This is why I got rid of socials… I always get sucked in. And, as my blog title says, not in a good way. 😏

Other good apps for productive screen time usage:

  1. Duolingo. Obviously.
  2. Google Fit. Yes, I know they’re hella mining your data, but it’s the devil I know…kind of. I also like that it marks my walking radius on a map ’cause I don’t have a FitBit? Tech nerds rolling your eyes right now — I can see you!
  3. Tabs. Because you can learn how to play music! I haven’t practiced in a while, though.
  4. Snapseed. I don’t think I’m using it correctly?
  5. Gif Maker. Hey, I used that yesterday!

“Get off Instagram, update your LinkedIn.” – A wise Irish TV show called, Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope.

I don’t personally use Instagram or LinkedIn, but I think that’s pretty good advice. For me, it’s: get off Reddit, get on WordPress!

But now I’m getting off WordPress to keep reading my book! On a Kindle… Sorry.

Happy writing! (Or whatever dope hobby you like to do.)


  1. Oh yes! I’m guilty of this. Not just the phone too, but the internet in general. Often I’d start writing, think of something that need’s a quick Google search, then I quickly veer off to other useless things like Facebook and YouTube. Terrible thing, this. I need to control myself.


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