An Eccentric Person’s Fridge

I was inspired by my old roommate to make my fridge as funky, fun, and full of magnets gathered and gifted from all over the world.

My collection is not quite as full as hers, (you can still see my fridge a bit!) I am working on it. I will be sad when my current roommates move out and we have to divide up the collaboration of magnets like a divorced couple splitting up our assets.

The way I blurred out the photographs has nothing to do with me being unusual… I just don’t know how to do it in a cool way with Snapseed and I didn’t feel like downloading another app that does who-knows-what with my data. 🤯

Shh… Some of these magnets are from places we’ve never been. Just my roommate’s pranks. He said that he can’t pull it off very well because I notice everything around the apartment. Ha! I won’t say which exotic regions are yet unvisited. Perhaps someday they can be.

Here we’ve got: Stickers, magnets, wedding invitations, doodles, Polaroids, a fake moustache, a bumper sticker, a Scrabble score (which I displayed so everyone would know who the house champion is,) flyers from events, printed photos, a Christmas note from a 4th grade student who I tutored that reads, “Takes for show me.” It was too cute not to keep up there forever.

Can’t wait to add more things to this collection. If you aren’t covering your fridge in visual goodies, then your kitchen must be a snore! Make yours creative, too, so we can be silly and weird together. I’ll keep working on mine.

Break out your inner kidult with me.

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