No Discipline!

Working guitar practice back into my daily schedule. I picked it up for the first time in a few weeks — shameful, I know, especially because I am paying a subscription for the Ultimate Guitar Tabs app. Ouch! My lack of calluses. 😦

If I had practiced every day up until now, I would know how to play this song by heart already (probably.)

But I was not disciplined enough to even practice learning the chords last month. Perhaps if the guitar was on its stand, rather than in the case, it would stare at me with contempt until I felt guilty enough to use it.

It’s not like I’m being forced to practice either, I just want to do it because I’ve wanted to learn how to play since forever. I love music, but I have never been musically inclined — possibly because I lose interest when I don’t feel like I’m making a lot of progress within 5 seconds of trying.

I have this dream of being a cutie girl musician or DJ and then forcing my future children to be in a band with me. Or maybe be their manager, like Selena’s dad, but nice. Or maybe it could go totally wrong and I’ll be like Joe Jackson and my kids will resent me. Oh god.

Either way, you can’t let your dreams be just dreams.

On the plus side, it’s definitely so much easier to learn nowadays with all the tutorials and apps available all over the interwebs. Kids today have it soooo easy.

Except that I’m old and I have it easy, too, but I have no routine. I’m going to add “PRACTICE GUITAR!” to my to-do lists in the upcoming days and finally learn how to play a song from start to finish dammit.



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