No Shame in Loving YA

I don’t feel like writing much tonight, although I definitely have insomnia again

I was just browsing through a bunch of YA novels that I want to read and I know people shit on YA fiction all the time (unfairly!)

But can we all agree that YA novels always have the most stylish, colorful, beautiful, and eye-catching covers in the whole bookstore?

Of course the style of cover is related to YA because it is meant to attract young and young-at-heart (me) audiences, but I just thought that I would make my opinion known to all the YA haters. 😹


    1. That’s dope! It will probably reach a wider demographic as a YA novel, too. 🙂 I would be so proud to have a YA work published someday, so congratulations on your work. Checking out your blog now. Where can I learn more about that manuscript?


    2. That’s so awesome. I’ll be checking it out when the time comes, and your blog in the meantime. Thank you for the inspiration. It’s just what I needed after a mini-hiatus. 🤲


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