Just Read: Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy

I don’t care about judgey people on the train who think you’re less smart or cool for reading popular books that have been turned into TV and movies. I will read anything if I’m interested.

Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend, and Rich People Problems inspired me to learn more about Singapore, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. I’d previously only been interested in Japan and Korea because I’m a big fan of their media industries. After reading the fiction quick-reads, I realize just how much I’d been limiting my knowledge of different cultural aspects in the wealthiest parts of Asia.

Favorite character is Kitty Pong, I wonder if you can figure out why. šŸ™‚

Did I mention the best part about all of these books? READING ABOUT THE FOOD!!

I recommend these books if you have a flight or you want to breeze through something entertaining and educational (if you’re like me and don’t know much about luxury fashion, jewelry, interior design, or art history!) You can definitely finish these in two days if you’re trying to get more “checks” on your Ultimate Books to-be-read list for 2020.

PS, does anyone else feel like they are way under-read considering how much time we’ve mostly all had to spend indoors during the pandemic? I’m obsessed with beating my current streak on the “Days/Weeks Read” widget on Kindle. My highest is 22 weeks, but I think there are times when I read regular books and comics instead of using my Kindle. I’d like to think the goal is a full 52 weeks, but I think I’m close to that if you count the “analog” books, too.

I’m skirting over writing book reviews because I don’t want to give anything away. JUST READ THEM! šŸ˜€

Do you read at least once a week?

For bookworms, those are rookie numbers, but there are definitely people who haven’t picked up any books, comics, or articles for years. I think reading anything substantial once a week at minimum is a reasonable goal for everyone, especially because life gets busy, or it’s just too dang hard to concentrate. Still, you have to exercise your brain!

The best time to read: when you’re commuting on public transportation, or traveling. You’re moving, but stuck at the same time. The WiFi may or may not be working. You can still listen to music at the same time — that’s what I do! This was the premier way to finish books back when I used to travel to work, and before the Pandemic and everyone in NYC started working from home.

Lastly, who else is missing out on TV shows and movies because you’re the kind of person who likes to read the book/comic/graphic novel first and then compare? *Raises hand.* -_- I never even finish Game of Thrones because I wanted to see what happens next in the books, not necessarily the show. (I’m not sure that is going to happen now, though.)

Mmmkay, now I’m going to read a manga from a collection I’ve had since middle school. o_O

It is the English translation of Confidential Confessions #6, and yes the distributor was TokyoPop. RIP.

Update: This manga popped into my head, so I decided to re-read it. I forgot how intense they were though. And I used to read these casually in middle and high school… I definitely thought I was edgy, but really I was soo cringey. These manga are still good and informative, but the covers are abrasive.

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