IT IS VEGAN TACO BAR NIGHT! I made this one in about 30 minutes.

A lazy vegan taco bar (because you’ll spend the rest of the time doing dishes.)

Hello, fellow kitchen witches. What did you make for dinner tonight? I had a craving for crunchy tacos, but opted for time-saving tricks. Someday, I will be one of those badass home chefs who prepares her own hand-pressed tortillas, taco seasoning, and salsa… Tonight, I’m just a girl with less than an hour before my hangry-alter-ego takes hold.

Oops. I left the petty cash jar on the table. 😭

Top: Hard AND soft shell tortillas. I wanted blue corn hard shell tacos because blue. But we got a taco kit with both hard and soft shells because


Middle (clockwise from the top): Brown rice, black beans (seasoned with salt and pepper,) fajitas (without green peppers because I don’t love them,) romaine lettuce, Xotchitl brand Stone Ground salsa, diced tomatoes and white onion, avocado smush.

Bottom: Morning Star Crumbles (the frozen kind) (+ taco seasoning packet, since it never fails when you don’t have all the individual seasoning on hand, or you’re pressed for time, or you’re just a regular person making dinner and not a cooking snob!) Hola Nola restaurant-style tortilla chips. This is the second time I’ve seen tortilla chips in a microwaveable bag, which I find very enticing, but still have yet to actually use as intended lol.

Taco bars can be a lot of work.

The last time I had a taco bar was when I hosted my emo theme party. It mostly all made by me and all vegan, with the exception of shredded cheese that I set out for guests. I also went completely over-the-top with decorations and even made a flyer. I edited some info for obvious reasonsssss.

The flyer. Notice how I removed my age as well. 😹

Some of the decorations. This is what my apartment used to look like and, yes, I did keep those decorations up for months. I think this is when I became the crazy lady on my block.

My outfit (and what my bedroom used to look like!)

I didn’t dress up very much for my own theme party… I just wore the same thing I would have worn in middle school. HA! My friend’s got me some accessories from Hot Topic to wear with my fit and I truly kept every single piece and still wear that skirt. Or, I would, if it still fit me. -__-

I don’t know what possessed me to also cook the grub for my own party, and in a more complicated way than tonight’s taco bar. Luckily, I had help making guacamole and pico de gallo, in addition to similar ingredients to my dinner.

I’ll see you tomorrow when I finish washing up. On nights like this, I am blessed to have a dishwasher.

And so it is. ✨

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