Selling Out

I just enabled ads on my page. D:

I am trying to transition away from my “old career” because it is honestly so boring now working with the same fans over and over — no offense, fans.

UPDATE: I have to change some of my too-candid content so I can earn ad revenue! I’m selling out in other ways, too, now. Limiting my freedom of speech to earn money. Oh well. A girl needs to eat!

I’m imagining being bullied out of a PTA meeting 10 years from now for being too expressive in my early 20’s though lol.

a cyberpunk future awaits us if we aren’t careful…

I typically dislike ads because I have a major problem with data mining and targeted advertising. My issue, you ask? IT WORKS! It’s really a complete violation of your personality to steal your information, then try to sell you things that you may or may not need at the moment based on your stolen data ew. I’m trying to tidy up, downsize, and become less attached to material things. I don’t need to buy more thi– OMG is that a PINK ALPACA PLUSH IN MY INSTAGRAM FEED?! I MUST HAVE IT NOW!

Yeah, I’m sick of that feeling lol. I’m trying to save money and maintain good credit for things that will bring me longterm happiness, not things that turn into clutter eventually. Also, what if you’re on the subway, minding your own business, scrolling away on Instagram, and something very gross and private is suddenly advertised to you, and the four creepy men slyly glancing at your phone see it? Hypothetically speaking.

By the way, not using social media and paying premium fees for certain apps helps stop the ads sooo much. I say this as I write a post about turning ads on to earn money…

Selling out & Accountability

I think every artist or person beginning their financial journey has less choice when it comes to selling out. Yes, I want to make art and keep making art the way I want, but I’m not going to be able to do it without money I need for necessary supplies. I can’t even post on this blog without paying my internet bill, you see?

I consider myself a sellout for putting ads on this blog because I already have issue with targeted advertising (which my readers will now have to face,) and I am trying to earn money for myself.

TO BE FAAAAAAIR THO — I really don’t have a day job anymore (or “night job” as I used to call it. Hehe.) I need some source of income so that I can keep paying my rent & bills, EAT FOOD, feed my cats, garden, paint, draw, purchase books, support other artists, write, and keep my streaming services going! I NEED MONEY TO LIVE. NYC IS EXPENSIVE AND IT IS A STRUGGLE FOR ALL STARVING ARTISTS ALIKE! DON’T JUDGE ME, PLEASE! 🙂

The most important thing that I can do is to promise that if somehow this blog starts turning a profit, rather just be a means of survival, then I must give back to the communities that support me now. Friends, family, and fans.

I would also like to give back to causes that are important to me: ASPCA, Black Lives Matter, Equal Justice Initiative, The Nature Conservancy, The ACLU… Not to mention several causes on GoFundMe, other charities that I can’t think of at the moment, and independent artists like me!

Dear Petals, please remember to hold me accountable if I ever earn more than I actually need. I have so much guilt about stuff going wrong all over the world, I probably won’t need anyone to check that I’m trying to give it things (living, non-living, dead, and undead) that need it more than I do! Still, you know the fame gets to some people’s heads.

Now I’m off to fantasize that I actually will earn enough money to have my own Wikipedia page with the word philanthropist in the description!

UPDATE: I had to go back into all of my posts and change some words to heck and dang so it’s considered “family friendly” oop. I said a lot of bad words and made a lot of suggestions about my old job. Hehe. You can see an update to my main description here.


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