Cookie x Cookie

Yes. That is actually a Cookie pillow.

Cat hairs on clothes and furniture (and everything else) is a part of life as pet parent.

Fancy expensive food, de-shedding brushes, vacuums with pet hair attachments — I have the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser upright and handheld vacuums because they are reasonably priced and donate $5 to their own pet rescue foundation (and I am a sucker for any product that donates to charitable causes) — and lint rollers… sooo many lint rollers… are no match for cat hairs. There’s always at least one embedded hair that you missed. ALWAYS!

Or there will be hairs on something you overlooked — sneakers, hats, tote bags, wallets are all full of surprise hair that you don’t notice until you’re already out the door with no lint roller available.

W H Y!

At that point, it is best to just accept your fate as another neighborhood cat lady.

My trick is to throw tapestries over couches and upholstered furniture. The cats can get their hairs on them all they want, and I can just toss them in the hamper when I have company to create the illusion of a cat-hair-free environment. Hehehe.

I’ve seen others use actual couch covers, bed sheets, and towels for the same reason.

Some tricks people have taught me for keeping cats off the couch are the spikey back sides of rubber car floor mats, double-sided tape, or bits of lint roller paper. Tables turned…

I don’t like to do this because I feel guilty disallowing my cat from using any furniture. Also, the cats always win in the end anyway.

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