Reconnecting with Nature in NYC


I was feeling demotivated about work one day and I randomly wondered (in a half-joke sort of way) which of my chakras was misaligned.

I Googled and with minimal research discovered the answer was my root (red) chakra, which helps ground you and connect you to the earth. This made sense to me because, at the time, I was a bit scared to go outside after being struck by a car as a pedestrian. It was a bad accident, but I was lucky enough to remain virtually unharmed.

That didn’t mean I wasn’t fearful of going outside. In NYC, I know so many other people (and their pets) who have been involved in car accidents while walking on the sidewalk. It’s crowded, it’s busy, it’s hard to see, and there are a lot of careless drivers — the odds favor getting run over by a vehicle at some point!

The solution to realigning my root chakra and overcoming my fear was the same: start going for walks again. Adding to this, reconnecting with nature also strengthens your root chakra, so you can have ambitious energy to use in your journey on earth. 🙂

City witches will understand.

How far away do you live from nature? Do you have woods in your backyard? Can you bike to the beach? Drive to the mountains? If so, you’re lucky! It’s easier and probably typical for you to spend time in nature.

When you’re in a city, it’s a bit trickier to get in touch with nature, but even us city mice know where to look. I’m blessed to be from NYC, which probably seems to be all skyscrapers and asphalt and traffic and striking pedestrians to the rest of the world. You’d be surprised to know that we are surrounded by flora and fauna, both native and implanted (like the residents!)

When I go outside, I make a point to remind myself about connecting with Earth’s offerings. There are always the trusty sun, clouds, stars, the Moon, rain, and wind, naturally, but the most excitement comes from the frequencies of light radiating from mother nature’s children scattered around me.

In my neighborhood, multi-family houses and apartment buildings are bordered with the greens and browns of various trees and bushes. Other flecks of color can be seen in your peripherals; focus in on all the new plants you’ve never seen before. I enjoy trying to identify different flowers using Google, but sometimes I still think I’m wrong. That’s why I rarely name them in posts, just in case I’m mistaken and I anger some rude plant fanatic.

Lately, I’ve been snapping pictures for the blog… When I remember. I’m also a fan of those heavily-edited pictures on Tumblr and Instagram, so today I purchased 2 of those apps from the Play Store myself. I used to be too scared that those apps would record me and steal my data. Maybe I think they still do, but maybe I’m just paranoid and missing out on the fun of digital photo editing for no reason.

Huji creates a retro style photo randomly, and Koda Cam has lots of filters and settings to mess around with to give your pics a vintage vibe. It was funny to me that the kids using social photo accounts edit their work so it looks like it was taken with a disposable camera and developed at a store. I remember actually having to do that back in the day! I have a Google Pixel 4 XL and it takes amazing portrait photos with crazy good quality, but I still use Kodak-esque filters, too. The softness and muted colors are romantic and alluring — it’s like you took the pictures in your dream instead of the real world. 🙂

Messing around with both apps.

I met some critters, too. 🙂

I saw that bee go in, and filmed until it came out. 🐝🌼 So cute.

A sassy black squirrel doing shenanigans. I noticed the flower petals falling like snow, and found this friend on the other side.

More to come. 🙂

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