Super Throwback Moody Morning Tunes: Third Eye Blind – Out of the Vein

Ahh! Thank you Spotify for finally recommending something different for me today. It’s actually my fault, because I tend to listen to the same albums over and over. Therefore, I get recommended the saaaaaammmmeeeeeee indie, folk rock, electro pop, and dance albums every morning.

Even I am starting to get sick of listening to the same Tokyo Police Club albums every time I shower. (I’m sorry, TPC, I don’t really mean it!)

I’m actually listening to all of Out of the Vein from start-to-finish — the only way to listen to an album — but a surge of tingly nostalgia ran through me on this breezy, beautiful summer day when I heard my old favorite.

Third Eye Blind – Blinded

Time passes and it tells us what we’re left with
We become the things we do

Me I’m a fool, spent from defiance, yeah you got me but
I didn’t give up on you

Oh god I just died when I heard this one 😻 :

Third Eye Blind – Bad Company

Little cuts on your wrist,
To try and get back the feeling
And no real friendships exists
That would be an understatement

Cause I keep bad company
I’m in trouble
Last chance stay away from me
I play the villain
You don’t know where we’ve been

I feel like myself today.

And not my sad self either, which I actually think is my default self. Despite finding happiness and comfort from Third Eye Blind’s upbeat music with emotionally-charged lyrics, I’m actually in a great mood and exciting to be getting things done. I think it has to do with reading, like I said yesterday. Reading, studying, and learning will keep your brain active and sharp. I think that making your brain work is one good way to keep it from spiraling back into the dark place, maybe? Doing things that are good for your brain = your brain will have a fighting chance at healing the past traumas that make most of us depressed and anxious.

I ain’t a doctor, tho. I’m only speaking from experience. 🙂

Let’s do our best today, everybody! Eat fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated (with water and coconut water!,) spend some time in the sun, make a fair to-do list, clean something, clean yourself, go for a walk, reconnect with nature, read, do something creative, play with your pets, get your work done.

Feel amazing and spread the positive energy. 🙂

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