Uninspired — Another Post about Nothing

I’m writing another post about nothing to let you know I’m still alive. I’m not necessarily living, but I’m alive.

I guess now my motivation block comes from wanting to take, edit, and upload my own featured photo in a blog post. I don’t take pictures as much as I should, so I need to rewire my mindset and think of it as a challenge to be creative in different mediums. Take those pictures, Moody! NOT JUST OF THE CATS, EITHER.

I renewed my blog plan and domain for another year. How often will I post, though? Now that I am financially locked in, you’d think that I would use that as a personal motivator. Do the work and don’t lose money. Gods know that paying for something hasn’t stopped me from shamelessly bunking off before. It didn’t stop me from skipping college courses that I’ve paid for, from going to concerts that I already bought tickets for (and couldn’t re-sell,) nor would it keep me posting on my blog daily.

Depression and anxiety kill. You might be alive, but are you living? The sadness and fear that stop you from starting something? Those are your death. It will kill your friendships, your education, your creativity, and your productivity… If you let it.

Here’s to resurrection, reanimation, redemption. Here’s to trying our best to make it happen. πŸ™‚

Featured photo is from my 2020 Pusheen calendar. πŸ™ƒ Totally mood.

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