Moody Mandala

Whenever someone I know gets a new device, I think of the meme, “$1000 Facebook machine.”

Of course, I don’t have Facebook, and I haven’t been able to afford any new devices in a looooong time. I’m lucky because my bae loves me so much that he got me the iPad Pro that I have been saving money for, although I’m sure that part of that decision was influenced by my constant pestering while he is (actually) working.

Now I have a $2000 Reddit/Wordpress machine. Because of my irrational privacy and targeted-advertising fears (WHICH ARE NOT TOTALLY UNFOUNDED) I never use any devices to their full potential. I’ve been scared to download new apps — especially those that have anything to do with camera/photo access.

My first digital mandala ever. O_O

I guess my apathy is starting to take hold, and I’m becoming BASIC because I am fully starting to not give a cuss about trying out all of different art and editing apps. Do professionals care whether or not they are being data-mined? Maybe not if they’re wise about it?

You can’t be ad-targeted if you pay for ad-free subs and mostly stop using those brain-suckling platforms that presents an ad to you every three posts.

I’m starting off by doing mandalas because they remind me of the Spirograph deluxe kit that I got for Christmas, but rarely use. I always see digital mandalas posted online and I am amazed at how beautiful they turn out.

The apps are simple enough to use, but it is deceptively difficult to create a finish work that is “tapestry quality,” as I like to call it. 🙂 When I finish making a piece, I’ll ask myself, “Would a young adult woman hang this in her bedroom?” If the answer is YES, then it is good enough to publish.

I titled this one I HATE IT!

Before you get your hair in knots, just know that I am also a young(ish) adult woman and I, too, have tapestries fluttering around different parts of my apartment because I LOVE THEM!

And now I love making them myself, too. 🧟‍♀️

Though if this were a real mandala creating session, I wouldn’t have freaked out when the app crashed and I thought I lost all my work. 🙃

Messing about with photo editing apps.

Love that randomizer button on Koda and Huji (Android apps.) Yes, I’m dat guy that uses both Apple and Android products cause I like to have it all!

What are some other good design apps that I can use on my $2000 Mandala Machine? Thanks!

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