Cold Brew Tea ❤️ 🍵🍋✨

I am a monster without my cold brew coffee in the mornings. Since my partner moved in, I am ecstatic to now have two cold brew coffee filters. I have a rotation of carafes and mason jars filled with cold brew going all the time now.

Since I’m in NYC, I rep Mud Truck Coffee beans that I get from my favorite local deli. Grind them, put the grounds in my cold brew filter, pour cold water over it in a mason jar, and leave them in for 8-36 hours. O__O! AHHH!

While cleaning up my kitchen, I saw that my old roomie left the filter for her own cold brew pot behind. I decided to experiment with different cold brew teas until I see her again and give it back to her. Hehehe. She also gifted me many boxes of tea that I am excited to use. Yum.

The lid for the cold brew filter didn’t fit on my trusty large mason jar, nor did the lid for the mason jar itself. I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to finally break out my eco-friendly wax wraps! I was so excited to be dat eco-conscious babe, but I actually went into an extreme spiral of laziness and kept ordering takeout instead of cooking. No leftovers, no need to store anything.

I’m a victim of NYC convenience.

These are Uarter beeswax wraps . I got a set of 8 on Amazon for about $16 and it came with two strings. They are cute I use them instead of foil or plastic wrap.

I want to switch to loose leaf teas in the future, but I am going to use the older, bagged teas so they don’t go to waste. Does tea go bad? You don’t need to answer that — I am a germaphobe and I think that everything goes back eventually. Being grossed out by everything is a good way to use everything by the expiration date and waste less foodstuffs. 😉

I actually started to go through my own bagged teas for my cold brew tea experimentations. I decided to begin with the most #BASIC teas and made a simple Irish Breakfast blend, with 4 bags instead of my usual 6 because I feel like the last few times I made iced tea, it was so dang strong it gave me extreme heart palpitations and I thought I was having a literal panic attack. 😭

Also pictured: A lazy rolled green onion omelet made with improper technique. 🙃

I did the naughty thing and didn’t sweeten this iced tea. Sorry to my fellow PoC LOL, I honestly do appreciate the flavor of just tea itself and sometimes prefer it totally plain. Please don’t revoke my card. 😅

I simply spiced this up a big squeeze of lemon and then dropped the garnish after taking the pic above. The result: refreshing lemony black tea with a strong flavor, and not too much caffeine! Yes I said “spice!” I was trying to be funny… did it translate well?

I’ve been cutting the strings off these tea bags so they don’t get caught around a bird’s little foot or something. I will be happy to switch to loose leaf teas even just to stop having to throw away all those foil packets from the individually wrapped teas.

Next time, maybe a different kind of tea and some fun additions. Check back soon to see if I make more posts about tea, or I become radio silent and speed ball caffeinated and herbals teas offline in my room with the curtains drawn, surrounded by empty mason jars. It can pretty much only escalate to that point from here.

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