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It’s harder than expected challenging myself to take photos everyday when I’m always so spacey and distracted. It’s even harder not to only take photos of my cats.

I still forget to whip out the camera app for my beautiful vegetarian take-out orders, which is why almost every food photo on this blog has a bite mark, or sip of alcohol missing.

I also do this weird thing where I won’t try on any new clothes for a long time just so I don’t have to take a selfie in them. Believe it or not, I’m not the biggest fan of taking pictures of myself in the first place! Despite my old day job and despite being supaaaa cuuuute IRL. šŸ˜— Kidding.

Cookie on the new headboard.

Cookie and Sassy always look cute and funny and photo-ready; the little beasts make it simple to create attractive photography by being naturally gorgeous. Not to mention that I am a crazy cat lady and that is just what we do! (Don’t worry dog-lovers, I like dogs, too, although I’ve never had one before.)

At least if I’m snapping pics of the kitties, I’m getting in some photography and editing practice, so I still consider this a win. šŸ˜½ ARTISTIC PRODUCTIVITY! YAY!


I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that my favorite edits have glitch overlays or vintage filters. Is it a millennial thing? šŸ˜¹ After all, I was born and bred into the age-of-technology, and soft, retro-style photos developed at the mall weren’t “old-school” back then. šŸ˜­

Subtly becoming aware of my age through miniscule updates in language and pop culture is surprisingly not as threatening as it felt when I was younger. But dang do I feel confused when I see a middle-schooler wearing a Nirvana t-shirt. Probably the same way someone 10 years older than me feels when I am wearing a Nirvana t-shirt. šŸ¤£

More to come. ā™„ļøāœØ

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