Well Done, Everyone!

When I enable my plant addiction by bringing home a new buddy, I always say, “Welcome home!”

On my Plant Day — the day I water all my plants, prune them, re-pot them, and what-have-you — I always finish up by clapping and saying, “Keep up the good work, everyone!” I’ve always heard that talking to or singing to your plants helps them grow, and I’m convinced that complimenting my flora family gives them enough positive affirmation to keep getting bigger and stronger.

Balcony buddies also pictured!

I am blessed ✨ and grateful to have that beautiful tree in front of my balcony in NYC!

Of course, Mother Nature is actually doing all the work… I’m just helping her out. 🙂 Gardening is definitely the secret to happiness because it helps you relax and connect with Earth. When you keep plants alive and help them reproduce, you’re helping raise Earth’s children. It’s easy to love your plants like your own babies when you think of them this way.

Respect, care, and learning can help anyone work on making their thumbs a little greener. Start with hard-to-kill plants if you aren’t confident about your horticultural aptitude, then work your way up to more complex plants from there as you get better. Your mood will improve and I’ll bet that you get a lot of compliments from houseguests, too. 🙂

Photo edits!

Just for fun. 🙂


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